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Nirmaan Empire is very fast developing business group of highly experienced and dynamic people with a vision to provide vast opportunity and sure success. In a joint venture with Aarush group of companies, India’s leading company of H2O products after thousands of hours of research and development, we are launching our product in Indian market for better health of our people.

Now thousands of satisfied consumers are making us more passionate and innovative, now new technical devices are also launch by us to get more efficient result.

How to install fuel saver kit on bike:

Water to hydrogen technology is not new it’s around 200 years ago. USA scientist use this technology for alternate fuel, NASA itself use this technology and proves its worth as well. In India, we started this technology with full of expectations to reach our goal and to save the nation’s fuel and money problem.

HHO products are eco-friendly, and mainly it increases the life of vehicle too.

So you all are invited to join the hands with Nirmaan HealthCare in association with Aarush GOC and save money, fuel and thereby environment.

Fuel saver for Bikes
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Overall HHO generators require little maintenance. Simply check the water level every 2000 kms, adding more as you need it. If you ever need new parts they are easy to find and replace, although this is highly unlikely. A properly constructed Hydrogen generator system will last the lifespan of your engine.

What is HHO?

HHO stands of 2 parts of Hydrogen and 1 part of Oxygen. When 2 hydrogen atoms are bound to 1 oxygen atom, you have a water molecule. But when we separate the atoms from each other you have Hydrogen and Oxygen mixed gas. The correct term for this gas is Oxyhydrogen. There are many names for this gas mix such as browns gas, green gas, hydroxy, di-hydroxy and water gas. The wonderful thing about this gas is the byproduct which is water. No smoke or fumes that are plaguing our planet today.

How is HHO made?

So now you know what HHO is but how is it made? By simple method called electrolysis: a method first recorded in 1800 by William Nicholson and Johann Ritter. Electrolysis involves the passage of an electronic current thought electrodes (DC).  As we know, batteries have a positive and negatives. Water by itself is not a good conductor of electricity so an electrolyte is commonly added to the water to allow electric current to pass through the water to break it down into HHO. There are many types of electrolytes and each has pros and cons and most manufactured HHO generators are usually designed for a electrolyte.