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Be Healthy

Benefits: Healthly liquid syrup to support your vitamins, fibre and minerals intake every day. Rich as antioxidant. Helps metabolism and fat in body.

Usage: 5–10 ml (for adults) or 2.5–7.5 ml (for children) in 150 ml water in the morning and evening on empty stomach. (or as directed by physician).


Benefits: It increases your digestive immune system and reduces cholesterol and fat. Prevent from critical heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, cancerous problems.    

Usage: Add 1-2 t-spoon of Nutromix powder in 100 ml warm water. Additional sugar not needed.


Benefits: Anti-aging, energy and stamina boosting powder. Fights cancer causing cells and tumour.  Treats sexual dysfunction. Improves respiration, blood circulation and disease immune system.

Ingredients: Cordyceps mushroom, Asparagus racemosus (shatavari), white Musli, Marking Nut, Saffron, Strawberry.

Pollution Control Device

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