About Us

We at NIRMAAN are committed for social & economical development through various business activities. Nirmaan is committed & dedicated to bring this change in reality. Today, not only the government but private companies & organization have to come forward to remove this deep rooted disease of unemployment from the society. In order to do so, we have introduced many products and business ventures which youth and smart people of India can sell to make profits out of it. These products include healthcare products, Automobile fuels saver kit, General insurance for 4 wheeler private and commercial vehicles.
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Our Products

Join us and enjoy the prosperous life with our health products, cost saving fuel kit and win unlimited rewards from assured luxury holidays, smartphone to car. Nirmaan HealthCare introduces 3 health supplements that will improve your HEALTH & WEALTH!

Be Healthy

A health supplement to support your daily vitamins and minerals in take.

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Cordyceps Mushroom tablets to keep your immunity and healthy in perfect condition.

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Fibre to add pro-biotic bacteria in your digestive system

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Pollution Control Device

Fuel Saving kit for bikes and cars. Increases your vehicle performance and mileage.

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Win a CAR!

Now you can win unlimited rewards buy simply purchasing our products.

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Best and cheapest insurance guaranteed!

Automobile car, commercial vehicle, trucks, agriculture equipments and machinery all can be covered under general insurance.

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